Mission, mission projects and mission service takes many different forms. Here you will find ideas for on-going mission service in your community and responding to disasters locally and around the world. You will learn how to be a volunteer-in-mission for a week or two, a short-term volunteer or a career missionary — and ways to support the work of those who are.
Workers unload insecticide-treated bed nets as they set up an outreach clinic in the Rhino Refugee Camp in northern Uganda, serving refugees from South Sudan. Photo by Paul Jeffrey.


Why we give to mission

Giving is an act of obedience and love. John Wesley considered giving a necessary spiritual practice and one of the chief ways we show love toward our neighbors.

Learn why you should give
Global Ministries, the worldwide mission and development agency of The United Methodist Church, invites members to give love, joy, hope and peace through their year-end giving campaign. Image courtesy of Global Ministries.

Global Ministries

Global Ministries' end of year campaign highlights giving love, Joy, hope and peace

During this campaign, individuals will have the opportunity to make gifts and become champions for their favorite mission projects through peer-to-peer fundraising and the power of social media.


Disaster Response

Mission projects and trips